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Risk Prioritisation Surveys for UKPN
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Without comprehensive, reliable data businesses are unable to make informed decisions. Risks often go undiscovered and interventions are often reactive or based on ‘what we’ve done before’ rather than what might actually be required.

B&V have pioneered asset data capture methodologies either through tailored in house capture methodologies or working with innovative industry leaders.


Asset data capture is at the heart of everything we do. Without reliable, comprehensive data it is impossible to fully understand risk, to plan, to model scenarios, to analyse, to  optimise your delivery and effectively run a business.

A prime example of this is a task B&V undertook to support UK Power Networks (UKPN) is a risk management exercise focusing on explosion mitigation.

Need: To fully understand the scale of the issue there was a need to inspect every electricity cable pit in London.

Challenge: With 47,000 pits known only by historic paper records a data verification and cleansing exercise was required. This was required as a matter of urgency because of the potential risk to life of street based assets failing. After initial verification 30,000 pits needed visiting in a short time period.

Solution: An integrated online mapping and survey platform was created using enterprise tools and apps. The platform meant pits could be allocated directly to users tablets with results fed back to the cloud live via 3G. As well as enabling the capturing of data the platform used a dashboard to monitor survey team locations and progress.

Benefits:  Digital capture allowed inputs to be validated in the field and pushed back into the central dataset; no data entry required. Photographs were taken at every location and automatically tagged to assets. This created a detailed asset record for the client which supported later stages of the work including site planning. Asset photos were not a requirement initially, largely due to the difficultly in capturing thousands of photographs using traditional methods. Digital capture makes this simple and has now created an invaluable resource.

A dashboard allowed progress to be monitored in real time allowing management of the survey team in real time. Survey teams were tracked at all times ensuring they could be located should anything go wrong. The dashboard and tracking also allowed detailed reporting of the number of assets surveyed daily, an important metric in planing an billing.

The integrated platform meant all 30,000 locations were visited in under 6 weeks with no revisits required.The project was awarded an ESRI UK Customer Success Award at the 2016 Annual Conference

Key benefits

Understanding your assets is key to making good decisions. Capturing data to verify or fill gaps brings a greater understand of a businesses asset base, its status, its condition. Armed with this knowledge more proactive decisions can be made, greater analysis can be undertaken, but most of all more confidence can be felt in the decisions being made.

B&V can create fast, effective data capture solutions. These focus on key information, maximise data validation and streamline the process to get the most from any data capture exercise.

In the UKPN case study 30,000 assets were verified and photographed in under 6 weeks using standard tools. This demonstrates corporate level data capture and verification is available today



Location Analytics Capability Sheet


Key features

Technology should be used wisely, not for technologies sake. B&V is an engineering consultancy which gives us a focus on what  we capture rather than what gadget is used. The need comes first, then the technology is sourced to answer that need.

This emphasis on the need means we focus on giving the survey team the right tools an information to capturing more relevant data, allowing that data to be verified on site, and incorporating data into systems seamlessly.

In the UKPN Cable Pit project example this focus on the data capture meant

  • 30,000 assets were visited in under 6 weeks
  • Every location was photographed created a valuable record for works planinng and longer term asset management
  • A dashboard reported progress live thanks to the survey being completed on 3G enabled iPads
  • Resource management was carried out using Excel workbooks with enabled mapping

An off the shelf cloud and survey technology was tailored to enable the data capture. From concept to training the site teams took less than a week and the costs were low thanks to the integration of a number of cloud modules


Asset Inspections, risk prioritisation