Location Analytics

Powered by Data — Driven For Understanding

Making smart decisions demands reliable answers to tough questions. Black & Veatch’s GIS solutions empower you to cut through the data clutter and see how to improve effciency, enhance service to the public, and streamline your operations. Whatever your function or area of responsibility, GIS solutions from Black & Veatch can help.

Most organisations have new and legacy data stored in a wide variety of formats. Using  GIS technology, we can integrate and relate data using its spatial component (location).  For example, people can be associated to addresses, buildings to parcels, pipelines to  utility networks, or land use to areas. This information can then be analysed to discover  trends, relationships or other insights—such as the incidence of pipe corrosion to soil  types, age of pipe and pipe material.

Black & Veatch uses the most advanced tools and processes to put you at the forefront  of innovative GIS applications. Bring your toughest questions to us—we’ll help you “see”  the answers from an entirely new viewpoint.

GIS Solutions

GIS Solutions from Black & Veatch are software and data agnostic; we employ the tool which best suits the task and client needs. That said we are ESRI Enterprise License Agreement holders with ESRI Inc. This allows us access to the full ESRI suite along with direct access to support and knowledge. We often work in partnership with ESRI to deliver solutions to our clients.

Black & Veatch is also an Ordnance Survey (OS) Partner allowing us to hold full national coverage of all their datasets. This allows us to explore new uses for the data; offer quick start-ups for our clients who hold data licenses; and even supply data to our clients.

Members of our team hold Royal Geographical Society Chartered Geographers (GIS); BIM Professional; Ordnance Survey Accredited Consultant; ESRI ArcGIS Desktop Associate and a host of other memberships and qualifcations. With over 100 years combined experience within the team Black & Veatch is able to offer the right solutions to deliver insight providing smart decisions.