Sludge Performance Analyst

Monitor and Optimise Sludge Stream System Performance
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The Sludge Performance Analyst application integrates historical and real-time process data with calculated technical and financial performance metrics such as efficiencies, system uptime, and net operating revenue. Clear dashboard visuals convey the results and allow a quick comparison of actuals to targets; identify and alert users to negative trends; and allow a simplified analysis of data to determine root-cause.


Sludge Performance Analyst is designed to provide performance monitoring and optimization tools for the enire sludge stream at Wastewater Treatment Facilities. The application provides real-time operational data to monitor and tracks Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) such as digester gas production/storage, thermal and electrical output, and equipment uptime/reliability to help operators make more informed decisions on when/how to operate the system. Other features include an Issues Management function to log/track performance and maintenance issues and their corrective actions, as well as an Energy Market Optimizer to provide insight to determine the best approach to balance energy consumption and production with real-time energy market prices. The Energy Market Optimizer also allows the user to run “what if” scenerios to evaluate the effects of forecasted changes in energy market prices.



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Key features:
  • Provides owner with easy access to real-time performance metrics
  • Monitors performance/operation relative to Performance Guarantee
  • Monitors the financial performance of the syste
  • Monitor digester gas utilization relative to requirements of financial incentive programs
  • Allows Increase system performance, reliability, and uptime

CHP, cogeneration, biogas, digester gas, engine-generator, microturbine